CEREC / Same Day Crowns

Mukilteo Dental Center is proud to provide beautiful same day crowns at our office. We provide CEREC III D technology—the latest in crown making. CEREC uses a strong, tooth-colored porcelain to create each crown or bridge. These crowns and bridges can be crafted in our office in as little as 90-minutes.

CEREC has been one of the most valuable additions to the dental office to-date. The CEREC CAD/CAM machine allows us to complete procedures such as dental crowns in a single appointment; a treatment that used to take at least two visits. The CAD/CAM machine takes digital images of the mouth, builds and then mills the crown to be seated immediately. The precision of the imagery and the efficiency of the milling allow us to place perfect crowns in a single appointment, saving you valuable time.

We can’t wait to showcase our newest technology that allows us to provide the best dental care in Washington State. If you are in need of a dental crown and are interested in this option, contact us for a consultation for eligibility. Please email us at mdc@mukilteodentalcenter.com or give us a call at 425-347-4141.